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他们不穿粗花呢,也不吸雪茄。 我们是姐姐和兄弟,苏菲和马克斯,我们是这一代的一部分,希望振兴干邑的世界。 对我们来说,干邑具有不同价值的独特融合:虽然它仍然活着,文化遗产,它总是靠近法国夏朗德地区,但我们发现,干邑依然代言着年轻的国际人士,他们所要求的复杂性,复杂性和多样性。创建。

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Sophie & Max from Cognac-Expert

半个多世纪前,我们的祖父母在干邑地区获得农业产权。 我们的家庭现在已经延续了三代人。 我们都非常接近这个世界的这个地区,并且在这里生活的所有领域里都有干邑的生产。

Our estate in Cognac, France 

A newspaper clipping of the harvest at our property in the 1950s

Cognac Expert honors these traditions by bringing together our love for the region, our ambition to innovate, and our fascination with sharing knowledge globally via the internet. We want to offer our readers an exclusive universe where they can discover everything about Cognac. Over the years, we have built up a young, and dynamic team of 20 people based all around Europe. We believe in creating international networks between like-minded people and nurturing dialogue across borders, both within our team as well as with our customers. 

Harvest helpers in the courtyard of our estate in the 1960s

The Cognac we sell on Cognac Expert strictly originate from the Cognac region. We can guarantee absolute authenticity thanks to our strong local ties. We ship your bottles directly from Cognac, France, to your doorstep–no need to worry about packaging, insurance, and customs declarations, we do it all. Cognac Expert's number one priority is our customers' trust and safety, therefore we use protected payment services.

Cognac Expert - the team

Our core team for customer service & operations, marketing, content, finance & IT

Please continue contributing to the Cognac Expert community by posting reviews, sending comments, and sharing your suggestions. This helps us to improve the customer experience and make the platform even more comprehensive.

Drink responsibly, and always in style.

Awarded “International Cognac writer of the Year" in 2013, Cognac Expert is the leading platform and preferred source for all things Cognac."

Awarded “International Cognac writer of the Year" in 2013, Cognac Expert is the leading platform and preferred source for all things Cognac." 5th Anniversary Notes from Cognac producers & friends 

 François Le Grelle, Cognac HINE
“Five years and counting… Cognac Expert is one step away from becoming an XO! Much like our small team of twenty-two at Hine, your reputation is inversely proportional to your size. Congratulations Sophie and Max for your commitment, attention to detail, and passion in telling the finest stories ourvineyards have to unveil.”

Hervé Bache-Gabrielsen, Bache Gabrielsen Cognac
“Cognac-Expert has become the reference web platform for Cognac aficionados and enthusiasts. Thanks to the great dedication from Max & Sophie, it is now a fantastic tool and info base for any Cognac lover. Long life to Cognac-Expert!”

Olivier Paultes, Hennessy Cognac
“CONGRATULATION TO THE TEAM!!! After 5 dedicated years filled with a passion for Cognac, you have largely contributed to its success in the realm of the internet. Like we say at Hennessy: Never stop never settle. . A huge MERCI, and may this continue for a long long time!!!”

Elodie Abécassis, ABK6 Cognac
“Happy Birthday Cognac Expert ! Congratulations, and thank you for sharing so much information and being so active for the Cognac industry.”

Claire Coates, SO YANG
“Congrats to this efficient and creative team who had the idea to create and animate the cognac communication worldwide. Within 5 years it became the most important website for the Cognac industry.”

Roland Legaret, DEAU Cognac
“Cheers to Cognac Expert for their 5 year anniversary! You’ve reached VSOP aging, and will ultimately become an XO… Happy Birthday to the best Cognac website worldwide!” 

Elodie Bouyer, Birius Cognac
“The adventure that started 5 years ago was a long desired initiative. Congratulations for this well deserved success. And a long life to Cognac Expert!!”

Olivier Blanc, Leopold Gourmel Cognac
“What an adventure in only 5 years: From the flat country to the spirit valley with humor and curiosity, interested and broad-minded, with passion and respect, with words and poetry, with kindness and pedagogy.”

Jean-Baptiste Pinard, Cognac Guy Pinard
“Building something is not easy. Keeping it alive for 5 years speaks for true passion. Sophie, Max, the entire Cognac Expert team: You have the passion for a product, a place, and for its people… This passion lead you to learn about the multiple facets that make up Cognac. Thanks to your approach and work, it always reminds me why I love to do my job. Thank you!”

Alexandre Gabriel, Cognac Ferrand
“Happy 5th Birthday to COGNAC EXPERT. Congratulations for these 5 good years. Now past the age of a young VSOP, you have, like a wonderful Grande Champagne, what it takes to age into a well-rounded “Ancestrale”. We are looking forward to this. Keep up the good work!”

Last but not least, here is a comment from the world’s leading authority on Cognac:

Nicholas Faith, Writer and true Cognac connoisseur
“Five years of Cognac Expert, seems like yesterday? How DID we manage without it?”